Genshin impact, the game Breath of the Wild-like developed by MiHoYo, it seems to be the title of the moment. Everyone is talking about it and everyone appreciates the developer's effort to rework the foundations of the Nintendo title to create something new. However, even this is not enough to survive Chinese government and its methods of censorship.

According to the independent journalist Kazuma Hashimoto, the chat integrated within the new Action RPG would censor words like Taiwan and Hong Kong. In a few hours the clip went viral across the network, wreaking havoc within the official subreddit of the game.

According to the words of the well-known influencer Daniel Ahmad, MiHoYo (software house located in China) was forced - according to some laws imposed by the Chinese government - to implement this type of censorship, to avoid creating political discussions within the game and blocking any message "That could damage the integrity of national unity".

Fun fact: it seems that this censorship method has already created some problems or bugs, censoring the words “Tibet”, “words” and “enemies”.