despite the controversy and the various referralscyberpunk 2077 has officially entered the Gold Phase of its development. The news came from the same CD Project Red via a tweet of the game's official profile. In this post Johnny Silverhand - character played by the Canadian actor Keanu Reeves - he is holding a golden disc in his hand, a sign that the game is now ready for the highly anticipated printing phase, to be distributed in stores next November 19, 2020.

And while this does not translate into the end of work for the development team, going gold has always been understood as the end of work related to quality control and debugging. Meanwhile, it seems that someone has already managed not only to get their hands on a copy of the game, but also on complete map of Night City, leaking it online.

According to the former comparison made by users, the world map of Cyberpunk it would be slightly smaller of the game world The Witcher 3. However, as already assured by the developers during the last Night City Wire, what is lost in extension will recover in density of internal areas and feasible activities.