As with many other online games, also for Call of Duty cheaters are a problem, both in classic multiplayer Modern Warfare than in the battleroyale of Warzone. Infinity Ward, responsible for the development of both titles, however, has announced that since the debut of both titles more than 200.000 accounts have been banned. 

This number comes from the sum of the bans from both games, but Activision has not provided the data for each individual title. Just this week the account got updated with others 20.000 account removed from games for using cheats. 

Infinity Ward was also keen to emphasize the continuation of this extremely strict policy towards cheaters. At the end of the announcement of the new total account of the bans in fact he added that they will be applied new security measures, without however revealing the details.

While it may seem obvious that game developers apply a zero tolerance policy against cheaters, this is not always the case. There are occasions when more creative solutions are attempted, as was the case with Mediatonic and yours Cheater Island on Fall Guys. Seen how it turned out though, heavy hand still seems like the best method to protect a game from those who want to cheat.