During the Google Late Night event on September 30, the Mountain View giant revealed a new one chromecast, equipped with Google TV, priced at $ 50.

At the same event however, Google also announced that Stadia will not be available at launch on this new device. On the contrary, Stadia's debut on the new Chromecast has been postponed to a generic 2021, without further details on the date. The only clue regarding the timing is that Stadia should be available within the first half of next year.

Google didn't even go out of balance by answering a direct question about Twitter, simply recommending to stay updated on the subject through social media.

The reasons for the unavailability of the service are unknown, and become even more incomprehensible when the vagueness of Google's answers is added to the work of journalists of The Verge. In fact, through sideloading the editors of this article they managed to get Stadia to work on the new Chromecast.

Despite the release of this new device therefore, Chromcast Ultra the only device in the family to be able to stream Stadia.