In 2019, the CEO of CD Projekt Red Marcin Iwiński he announced - in front of Jason Schreier's Kotaku - that the software house he wouldn't have crunch periods during the development of cyberpunk 2077. Well, according to a testimony received by the aforementioned journalist, the software house may not have kept its word, imposing a new cycle of overtime before the next release. November 16, 2020. But let's start from the beginning:

Through a new article published on Bloomberg, Schreier reports a title that in a few hours has already made the rounds of the internet: "The publisher of Cyberpunk 2077 orders shifts from 6 days a week before release". According to the journalist's words, he would be in possession of a particular email, sent by the director of the studio Adam Badowski to his employees, in which the latter announces that the title will be sent to Sony and Microsoft for approval and that it is time to fix the latest bugs before launch.

"As of today, the entire studio is in “overdrive”, the typical workload and one day at the weekend. I will take all the backlash on myself for this decision, and I know this contradicts what was said about the crunch. And it contradicts my past certainties - that crunch should never be the answer. However, we have extended all other possible means (the various delay) to deal with the situation. "

Although the extra working day it will still be paid according to the Polish labor law and does not imply a cycle of crunch, a second email arrived in Schreier - sent by a internal anonymous source to CD Projekt Red - tells how some staff members have already worked several extraordinary shifts for well over a year, thus breaking the promise of Iwiński mentioned above.

At the moment CD Projekt Red did not want to comment on the situation, but it is clear that the news is already bouncing from one part of the network to the other, creating debates on the subject and dividing the community of fans. We can not help but invite you to take it all with pliers - since it is still a rumor and anonymous sources - and to continue to follow us for any updates on the matter.

UPDATE - The reply from Adam Badowski, leader of the CD Projekt studio, was not long in coming, confirming the new 6 days a week work schedule. However, Badowski explained how the development team agree with the decision, not only announcing that the extra period will be paid, the whole team will also receive a 10% share of the company's earnings in 2020.