The digital reviews of the Tokyo Games Show 2020. Today it was the turn of Capcom, who tapped a portion of his show to talk about Resident Evil: Village. Although no new information has been brought to the table, the software house has put the flea in the ear of the owners of Current-Gen console.

Here are the words of the game producer, Tsuyoshi Kanda:

“Although Resident Evil: Village is developed specifically for next-gen consoles and PC, we are planning to bring the experience to Xbox One and PS4 as well. We are working on it, but we cannot make promises. However, we will do our best to create the best possible survival horror experience on current-gen consoles. "

In short, nothing is confirmed and in the event Resident Evil: Village arrives on PS4 and Xbox One, players would find themselves in front of a version downgraded of the title. But since we are talking about an engine that can also be run on Nintendo Switch, we are confident about the success of the cross-gen operation.