The lore of Fall Guys, the battle royale of success developed by Mediatonic, it has always been dark and unhappy in contrast to the playful and colorful tones of the game. In the past few weeks, developers have been taking advantage of the title's popularity to do what every developer does "Gone viral" would do: shitpostare.

If during interview the developer confirmed that the colored green beans they cease to exist after the elimination from the competition, in recent days the Concept artist tudormorris has published a drawing which caused the community to discuss for its "cursed" nature. And as you can see, the anatomy of these little characters seems to have come out of games that are anything but colorful and carefree, like Bloodborne, Outlast o Amnesia.

We can not help but report these images which, according to the official social account of the game, they are part of the lore of the game. For this journalistic edition of Creepy GAMES, thank goodness, that's all. To never again!