Xbox Series X and S will soon be able to enjoy official accessories, like this 1TB external SSD. However, the product is not the cheapest.

Xbox Series X with 1TB of memory and Series S with only 512GB will need more space to support the installation of games and updates. To deal with this problem, here is the first official external SSD, the Seagate 1TB Game Drive. The model, also called STJR1000400, is not the cheapest. The product can in fact be pre-ordered from the American Best Buy site at the price of dollars 219,99.

The price is high enough compared to the rest of the external SSDs for consoles, and now all that remains is to see how much the PS5 counterpart will be sold. The only sure thing is that these products will be necessary if you want to have a large stock of titles on your next-gen consoles, especially digital only ones.