And in the end also Amazon, the e-commerce giant managed by Jeff Bezos, has entered the world of Cloud Gaming and will try to make shoes for its competitors such as Google StadiaxCloudNvidia GeForce Now with his new project: Luna.

Built "For the love of the game" the service is currently in the early stage of Early Access and will promise more or less the same features as Stadia: gaming where and how you want, on various devices, integration with Twitch and a controller built for Cloud Gaming. Here is an overview of the features:

  • Introductory price: 5,99 euro / month
  • 4K / 60FPS on some selected titles
  • Coming up PC, Mac and iOS (Android confirmed without a launch date)
  • More than 100 games available including ControlSonic Mania and other partners like Capcom Ubisoft
  • Integration with Twitch
  • Based on architecture AWS (Amazon Web Services)