In 2012, a developer named Ivan aedler had risen to the fore of the hottest news through an eroge about Peach: Peach's Untold Tale. Inspired by a hentai, the game quickly reached a million views across the various sites dedicated to adult entertainment. However, this small independent project has become a new victim of the DMCA-Hammer di Nintendo.

Through the page GitHub of the creator, it is possible to read the entire letter in which Nintendo orders the developer to stop developing the game, although the latter believes that the parody makes correct use of "fair use". The latest title update was uploaded last April, before the developer went into a hiatus period, extended by the emergency Coronavirus.

In this particular eroge, the protagonist Peach could engage in sexual relations with the various enemies of the Super Mario series, and subsequently become pregnant with the latter. In addition, it was possible to customize the princess with a series of themed outfits.