And in fact only this was missing. Have you ever imagined mixing Pokémon with Dark Souls 3? Well, some do, and you can also download it. Pocket Souls is an impressive overhaul of Dark Souls 3 which adds new weapons, armor, items, boss battles and of course the chance to catch monsters, make friends with them e take them on your side. And you'll also be equipped with a cute Pokémon-themed backpack.

Each class is accompanied by a starting monster and to progress in the game, just like in the Nintendo series, you have to use the monsters you own.

The Pokeballs have been replaced by the Abyssal Flask, a decidedly more appropriate name in this case, with lots of Great and Ultra variants for the more resistant ones. Captured monsters are sent to the PC, just like in the original game, which in this case is the spell menu accessible from the bonfires. Below you can take a look at the official video of Pocket Souls so you can better understand how it works.