Following the reveal of the price of PlayStation 5 happened in the past few days, many users have shown some interest in the version all digital of the console, which will be launched on the market at 100 € cheaper than the standard PS5 with player. It will therefore be of crucial importance to understand the digital dimension of next-gen titles, in order to better manage them 825GB of SSD available on the console.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Fortunately on the site PlayStation Direct, in the relevant pages of the games shown during the presentation, the dimensions of these titles were also revealed. Spider-Man: Miles Morales for example it will weigh approximately 50GB in its Standard version, while it reaches a good level 105GB in the Ultimate Edition, which also includes the first chapter in a remastered version. What is also surprising is Demon's Souls, a title originally released in 2009 on PS3 that in this remake will come to weigh well 66GB.

Also considering titles like Warzone, whose file is over 100GB even on the next gen, it is easy to understand that the SSDs of the new consoles will probably fill up very soon, and that therefore it will be up to users to buy external storage media.