Today we have with us for Let's talk about video games, Guido Benetti, a builder of the past known in the national territory for his robot and his creations
dedicated to cartoons e 80s and 90s movies. Let's get to know it together.


Hi Guido, introduce yourself and tell us when and from what yours comes
passion for LEGO? And where does your alias KENTA974 come from?

I'm Guido, and as you can tell from my nickname Kenta974, I was born in 1974
and, like so many, I was completely overwhelmed by the robotic tsunamy coming from
east in the 80s and 90s.
In fact, my nickname comes from the name of a cartoon character
TIGERMAN, a little boy who lives in the orphanage and admires the deeds
of the Tiger Man (many think that Kenta is Tigerman II but it is not so ...).
Kenta is a pseudonym that I already used in my past as an amateur writer on
walls of the middle and high school! Among many names of robot pilots and characters
super strong I don't know why he chose this one. Maybe because it is a
short and incisive name.
When I started building with LEGO again I had to choose the name for the
my new youtube channel on which to show my creations, and I'm back in
mind Kenta to whom I wanted to add the two digits of my date of birth,
but since the nickname Kenta74 had already been used here is born Kenta974.
I started playing with LEGO from a very young age, I was 4 or 5 years old. My
first sets were the police and fire cars code 600 and 602 in
to which the first minifigures identical to the current ones appeared. They were
essential sets made of very few pieces without working mechanisms and the little man
he couldn't even get into the toy car!
After these first LEGO sets came many new sets of different themes: Pirates,
Castel, Spazio, new more complex pieces appeared which, little by little, they made
increase the level of "definition" and functionality of the models.
Perhaps it was the simplicity of the first sets that drove you to build them
once and then immediately take them apart to build more! Today the original sets are like that
beautiful and complex that most people build them faithfully
following the instructions and does not dare to take them apart or modify them thinking
that it is not possible to do better and who, on the other hand, enjoys building his own things
rising to the title of "Master-Builder"! In my opinion there is no "best" either
“Worse”, there is only “standard” and “personal” and the difference is not in terms of
value, but only by preference.

We therefore know now of your passion for films and animated cartoons years
80s and 90s, but is there one in particular that influenced you and why?

Personally I love to reconstruct models inspired by the robots of animated cartoons
Japanese, the most famous cars of the TV series and the spaceships of films and series
almost always from the 80s and 90s!
I was very attached to the production and imagination of those years, and
certainly I am not the only one seeing that today many subjects of those cartoons, comics and films
are back in fashion.
I used to build robots with LEGO even as a child: I remember building a
Order (now known as Optimum-Prime) nice big e
transformable. Then I had my dark age (a time when you don't play with
LEGO) and from about 2000 I started playing with bricks again.
The first thing I tried to rebuild was the robot DAITARN 3 high one
thirty centimeters and convertible into spaceship and tank as in
cato. Soon after I tried my hand at even a little one Match Patrol
with of course the pilot Haran Benjo.
In fact DAITARN 3 is one of my favorite animated cartoons, with its comedy
and self-irony I think it is the most suitable to be reviewed even today after many
Another very nice series is that of GUNDAM, which led to the genus of
Robottoni at its peak marking the transition to the Real-Robot genre much more
mature and realistic. And yet another robotic cartoon that I am very attached to is
the light-hearted TRIDER G7 halfway between a Mazinger and a Boss Robot,
with missiles counted for cost reasons and the desire to fight space battles
just to skip class at school!
Coming out of the robotic genre, I really appreciate the wonderful adventure
romantic of Conan the boy of the future and the thrilling stories of Lamu.

Which of your creations fascinates the most?

Of all the things I've done I can't tell which one I think is better or which
I prefer, they are all born from a moment of inspiration and reproduce a
subject that I really like so I am equally attached to all my MOCs
(My Own Creation). Certainly realize the GOLDRAKE JUMBO (73 cm high) has
a lot of effort was required, especially to hold such a heavy structure
as well as to find many bricks! In any case, the greatest satisfactions are
I get by making subjects on a small scale, being able to reproduce in a way
effective a particular with few pieces gratifies me a lot!

I always have many projects in mind, some I have been able to carry out in the latter
months of forced seclusion, I have almost finished the GUNTANK and a couple of ZAKKU of
Gundam cartoon, I made a small bike of Kaneda from the anime AKIRA
Ferrari 308 di Magnum PI. and finally a small moped SI area of Piaggio.

Many others I would like to do, some I have already seen around the network made
very well from other manufacturers and for this reason I don't start building mine
version until personal inspiration arrives that will help me
build something personal, not better but different from what has already been seen!

What advice can you give to anyone who wants to build one MOC?

I recommend building MOC to anyone who wants it! I believe that
anyone who puts passion into it can make beautiful things! Just don't have
hurry, study the subject to be reproduced well, perhaps drawing it from different people
points of view, identify the important details to reproduce and try to
keep the proportions (which I do not always succeed !!!). In addition to this the
the only "tricks" to be able to make a beautiful MOC are two:
1) know as much as possible the range of bricks available in the catalog
LEGO so that it is easier to find the right ones to make the
individual details;
2) be inspired! I don't even try without the help of an inspirational muse
(even if I can't tell you what the muse of the bricks is).

Having experienced various stages of the growth and development of LEGO sets,
how do you imagine the future of bricks now? What evolutions do you expect?

LEGO has undertaken a very "aggressive" commercial policy, it has passed
brilliantly a moment of crisis and today is working to secure the
consensus of all market segments.
He is making beautiful and simple sets for the little ones, bigger and bigger sets,
detailed and expensive for the older ones and focuses heavily on video games for children
over 10 years who give up toys early. Acquires more and more
licenses of famous brands and increasingly integrates its products with apps and
Difficult to predict the future! Maybe Disney will buy LEGO? Or it will be there
Disney to be bought by LEGO? Or maybe Elon MUSK will come to
buy both? I think we will see some good ones!

Your son Lorenzo, now almost an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), is
obviously grown up with LEGO bricks in his hands. Tell us how
share the passion with your family.

One of the factors that motivated me to continue “playing” with LEGO too
as an adult it was the participation and support of my family!

Take part in events such as exhibitions and fairs around Italy organized by
different groups like Orange Team, PugliaBrick e Brands Brick, it was a
adventure that involved us all with energy and enthusiasm. We have done
trips, visited new places, met many interesting people. I'm really
happy with this and thank my wife Serena and my son Lorenzo.

And about PugliaBrick, what can you tell us?

PugliaBrick is a beautiful reality in the LEGO landscape, born in a way
spontaneous and thanks to the commitment of a few elements has been able to make itself known and
appreciate quickly, creating quality events in spite of little
experience behind. I think this was only possible thanks to
desire to do something you like well, without saving energy and without
look after personal gain. In PugliaBrick I found true fans who
now they are excellent friends for me!

Greetings to the readers and thanks to Guido for his availability. We remind you that if you want to follow Guido's fantastic LEGO works, you can do it on his social channels that we report here: