As we have seen during the last Night City Wirethe world of Cyberpunk 2077 will be vast and full of activities for the player. However, CD Projekt RED decided to retouch slightly the duration of his main campaign, and all because of The Witcher 3.

And what would the starring game do wrong Geralt Of Rivia, to penalize the latest CD Projekt title full of Cyberpunk and Keanu Reeves? Apparently, according to a live broadcast on the streamer's Twitch channel CohhCarnagesenior quest designer of the game Patrick K. Mills talked about how many users at the time complained about The Witcher 3's overall duration, considering it too long. For this reason, the team also wanted to indulge this kind of feedback, while reserving some respect for the players. completists.

Indeed, The Witcher 3's longevity varies from 51 to 172 hours, according to the site How long to Beat, and it is logical that perhaps players who are less patient or familiar with CD Projekt's design will get bored when a certain threshold is reached.