Xbox Series X and Series S will hit the market on November 10, 2020. But how will they present themselves on the shelves? Here are both packs.

Microsoft itself has published an image that clearly shows the two new consoles, both flanked by their own cardboard box.

As for Xbox Series X (of which we had already shown you the box art in this article), the packaging of Series S incorporates the design and colors of the console, without too flashy writing. The only words present are in fact those related to the size of the SSD (512GB for Series S and 1TB for Series X) and performance. Could the minimal packaging design boost sales by meeting non-console-savvy shoppers who want to have clear ideas about the gift to give to friends or relatives during the holiday season?

We remind you that Xbox Series X and Series S will be available from November 10th to priced at $ 499 and $ 299 respectively.