With a tweet and a short article Twitch has informed its users that during the month of September 2020 will begin to experience automatic advertisements during live shows, and not just before the broadcast begins.

The times when having Twitch Prime protected you from any ad interruptions on Twitch are now a distant memory. Ads are a constant now for anyone who frequents Amazon's streaming site and is not subscribed to all the channels that follow.

Until now, however, interruptions could only occur in two ways: either automatic at the start of the live, or decided by the streamer in the middle of the broadcast. Both were to the economic benefit of the streamer, but at first the content creators had no decision-making power. 

But now Twitch wants to introduce a new type of ad: short advertising videos that will interrupt live shows that have already started, but over which streamers will have no power.

Like all other types of advertising these too will financially support the streamer, and they will appear only for part of the spectators. The article also answers some doubts immediately raised by the community on twitter.

Subscribed users, who then pay for a subscription or use their free sub provided by Prime gaming, they will not see these advertisements, just like all the others. Furthermore, even during these advertisements, users will be able to continue following the live in Picture-by-Picture, the small box that appears above the chat.