It seems that Facebook made a mistake, revealing the next VR headset use in two videos.

The two movies appeared on Facebook Blueprint, and contained details on the new headset features, but Facebook has immediately proceeded to remove parts of them, implying that the revelation was not entirely intentional.

First of all from this leak it was possible to confirm that the name of the viewer will be Oculus Quest 2. Furthermore, the video shows some information about the hardware: 6 GB of RAM and a new processor, serving a device that should show “Almost 4k” images, with 50% more pixels than the previous version of Oculus. In addition, the viewer will have up to 250GB memory and will be backwards compatible with all games previously released for Oculus Quest.

To aid immersion the device will be provided with audio that changes according to the way the user moves, as well as two ergonomic controllers. For some titles it will also be possible to completely forget about the controllers and play using only your own hands. Oculus Quest 2 will be lighter, more comfortable and easier to wear than its predecessor.

Much of this information was present in the second video, That removed from Facebook. However, some users have managed to reload it on YouTube. We won't have to wait long to learn more about Oculus Quest 2, however, as Facebook plans to host the event Connect Developer the September 16.