The Ranked Mode Season 3 version is here with new karts, characters, circuits and more!

LOS ANGELES– (BUSINESS WIRE) –The highly anticipated update is finally here Seasonings 3 of the free racing game for mobile devices KartRider Rush +! The update, which opens with the new Ice Throne theme, includes a Championship Mode completely new, as well as new karts, new characters and new challenging tracks.

Championship mode is available for a limited time from September 10-22. In this mode, racers can test their skills in 4v4 races by challenging non-player characters (NPCs). To take the title of undisputed champion, teams must use their Ultimate Skill and win 5 consecutive races.

In the Season 3 update, racers will be able to compete in style aboard new karts, including White Knight, Iceball, Emperor's New Car and more preparing to cross the finish line in the version Ranked Mode Season 3 available today!

The first Weekly Login Event will open on September 14th. Players who log in every day will be able to win prizes such as K-Coin, Turbo Crystal, L-Decoder, Quick L-Badge and the “Bluebird” kart.

New system improvements and updates include:

  • Soulmate System: Best Friends (BFFs) with a bond of 500 or more can team up with a friend to become Soulmates and complete adventures together to win various prizes.
  • Pet Breakthrough System: Runners can advance pets that have reached the maximum level to improve their stats using "Super Candy" obtainable through cheat codes.
  • Firecracker and Free movement article: A new Firecracker item can be purchased and used in the My Home setup with friends to increase their Bond score, while Free Movement allows players to move freely around the background and take pictures more easily.

In addition, on 21 September the Season 3 Pass with new seasonal characters, including Prince Dao and other surprise karts, which players will be able to unlock by completing different activities as they earn points throughout the season.

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