Free is Beautiful e the Epic Games Store they take you back in time to Nineteenth century. A period of great progress and discoveries for the New world, but it is also the century of Great Depression in America and coincidentally, today's two offerings reflect this time travel.

"In Railway Empire di Calypso Media, we are in full industrial boom and the race for the most important railway empire in all of North America has begun. It's time to roll up your sleeves and challenge your opponents as you lead your company into the twentieth century! You will be able to create an intricate and extensive railway network, purchase over 40 different trains reproduced in great detail, and buy or build railway stations, factories and attractions to always have an edge over the competition. "

"Where the Water Tastes Like Wine by Good Shepherd Entertainment is a story-driven adventure game packed with travel, storytelling and survival of manifest destiny. Players explore the folklore of the Great Depression of the United States at their favorite pace, encountering unknown characters with their own stories to tell. By interacting with them, players will be able to collect unique tales to rework to unlock new interactions. "

As always, you need to log into your account to redeem these offers Epic Games Store by 17 September 17.