The free offers of theEpic Games Store, albeit on a smaller scale than in recent weeks. This week, in fact, the store offers Into the Breach and the DLC for Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the battle for Sanctuary.

"In Into the Bridge, control powerful mechs of the future to defeat an alien threat. In this turn-based strategy game, created by the developers of FTL, every attempt to save the world is represented by a new randomly generated challenge. "

“Available to Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, in Commander Lilith and the battle for Sanctuary challenge new bosses, explore new areas, grab new loot (with a brand new category above Legendary) and join Lilith and the Crimson Raiders to stop a madman determined to take over the planet. "

As always, you can redeem these offers through the digital page ofEpic Games Store.