É news a few days ago that the mobile title "Pokémon Masters”Added the theme song "Ex" to your name to celebrate the first year of the videogame.

Today, in fact, the first anniversary of the mobile title born from the collaboration between The Pokémon Company and DeNa should have been celebrated.

However, the celebrations seemed to have been widely misunderstood due to a fun hashtag sent on trend in the last few hours. According to what can be seen on Twitter, people subscribed to the social network would have misunderstood the name of the game's title with something related to sex, as the hashtag shows: “#Pokemonmastersex".

Obviously the incident caused a number of funny memes, with the people of the web that therefore, in his way, celebrated the first anniversary of the mobile title.

An episode that is certainly funny but not very pleasant for the social media managers who will have to deal with the title.

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