Fall Guys is definitely the game of the moment, but it remains a PC and PS4 exclusive at the moment. From the very first hour, however, around the game of Mediatonic there were rumors of possible ports, in particular for Switch.

These rumors, however, were shut down by the developers themselves. According to statements Joe Walsh, the game's chief designer, released during a stream by Gary Whitta, Mediatonic has other priorities for Fall Guys. In particular the company would like to cobstruct a good relationship of trust with your community before thinking about working on a port.

"We are currently focused on making the game the best it can be for PlayStation 4 and PC. We want to build a good relationship of trust with the community by showing how we support the game.
At the moment our job is to tell the community 'we know what you want, we listen to you and we are working to make things right.' This is no time to focus on anything else, how to bring the game to other platforms. We would certainly make more money like this, but it's not our priority right now. The community is more important. "


The rumors of a port had arisen from the discovery of some support files for the Switch SDK within the Steam version of Fall Guys. In the FAQ of the game, however, when asked about the ports for Switch and Xbox, Mediatonic replies that she would like it bring the game to other platforms, but later on.