Despite the inconvenience caused by the pandemic, the gamescom it is held like every year, even if in digital version. 

During the first evening, the Opening Night Live, the new expansion of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. In it, players will be able to venture beyond the borders of Azeroth, to reach the Shadowlands, where the souls of the dead of the entire Warcraft universe dwell.

These lands are divided into four zones, each of which houses a coven. Each coven will be presented with its own animated trailer, eqhis evening it was the turn of the Kyrians, from the Bastion area. 

The short features two of the most loved and well-known characters in the entire history of Warcraft, Uther and Arthas. 

Following the short, a short in-game trailer revealed the release date of Shadowlands, which will be the 27 October 2020.