Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 2000, Frogswares has produced titles such as the series dedicated to Sherlock Holmes e The Sinking City and in these days he celebrates his own 20 years with a number of special sales on Steam. Between Offers, the software house has made available for free his puzzle game "Lovecraftian", Magrunner: Dark Pulse.

Released in 2013, the title mixes the element technological with the world esoteric linked to the works of HP Lovecraft, making it almost a Cursed Portal.

“Equipped with your Magtech glove, you will have to exploit the ability to manipulate and magnetically polarize objects in the scenario, to survive and overcome challenging puzzles. Your reflexes and wits will be put to the test as you journey through over 40 immense and risky levels, including high-tech training rooms and endless depths of the lost cosmos… to face the hideous creatures of Cthulhu! "

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is redeemable at this address up to 19:00 of 27 August 2020.