It's been a while since GOG, CD Projekt RED's digital delivery platform, does not offer its users a free giveaway true? No fear, think about it Free is Beautiful to update you on the latest offers. This week: Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter.

Developed by Croteam and published by Devolver Digital, the game is the first adventure of the not quite legendary Sam “Serious” Stone, the only hope mankind has to survive the invasion of Mental. After a journey through time, our hero finds himself in theAncient Egypt, in search of a relic capable of defeating the alien threat. During this "pilgrimage" he will have to make his way among monsters, harpies, angry alien bulls and the classics headless kamikaze.

The title will be available until August 26 2020 to the following link. Like most of the titles available on GOG, this one is also downloadable in version DRM-Free.