The first round of the Clash in court between Epic and Apple. Attorneys for the two companies argued in a call about Zoom before a judge over the temporary restraining order sought by Epic against Apple.

The measure was requested after the Cupertino company had threatened to revoke Epic's developer accounts, remove Unreal Engine from its devices and condemn Fortnite to the same fate, Epic's flagship game.

Epic argues that the decision would "irreparably damage" the company, since the hearing to fix the legitimacy of Apple's shares, which is set for August 28, cannot be held before April next year.

The result of the hearing was bittersweet for Epic. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers granted the request for a restraining order regarding developer accounts and Unreal Engine. In final document the court says Apple's move:

"It has the potential to cause significant damage not only to the Unreal Engine platform, but to the entire gaming industry, including third-party developers and gamers"

On the other hand, however, the judge did not find it possible to prevent Apple from removing Fortnite from its store. The court considered the removal of the game a direct consequence of Epic's actions, as claimed by Apple's lawyers. The arguments centered on the damage to image and for consumers of Epic's lawyers have not convinced, in the face of the violation of the rules of the App Store for payments in the app.

However, the battle has only just begun. The next clash will take place in about a month, on September 28, in a preliminary hearing that will decide the fate of Unreal Engine and Fortnite until next spring.