No matter how powerful your gaming PC is, it is very likely that you will still not be able to reach 60 fps on Microsoft Flight Simulator in High or Ultra graphics. But don't worry about having to upgrade or buy new components: the new flight simulator has put even the best setups in the world to the test, so much so that John Papadopoulos di DSOGaming, after a long search, he came to a bitter conclusion. Apparently, no existing CPU is able to maintain stable performance if you set the graphics above to Medium.

In his article, Papadopoulos reported:

This game is currently one of the most expensive on PC, a work that really needs a new generation of CPU to reach its maximum potential.

It therefore appears that Microsoft Flight Simulator is emulating the situation created years ago by Crysis. Setting the resolution to 1440p, the framerate has not stopped swinging between 30 and 50 fps on one of the best and most expensive setups the current generation has to offer, the total value of which exceeds $ 3.000. Papadopoulos argues that with a hefty expense and overclocking a satisfactory result could perhaps be achieved, but it is certainly not an investment that many can afford.

It's time to let go of the saying "Can Crysis run?" and start using Microsoft Flight Simulator as a final test for PCs? The answer seems to be yes. Unless Crysis remastered won't have something to say about it. Meanwhile, in the meantime, you can take a look at ours review of the fascinating flight simulator.