Esports giant Riot and Spotify have entered into a exclusive agreement for audio content dedicated to League of Legends. At the base of the partnership there are contents and special musical events.

  • Exclusive and original podcast content: Already in the pipeline for this year, Spotify will develop a series of podcasts focused on eSports tournaments of league of legends.
  • Official League of Legends hub: Music is already important in the world of League, but we're taking it one step further by creating a hub full of new community-inspired music, podcasts and playlists, including the playlist This is League of Legends and official playlists. Keep an eye on the other upcoming news as well.
  • Intense musical moments: Spotify will offer fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Worlds Anthem, with the acquisition of Worlds Anthem on Spotify. This musical anthem is the year's most anticipated song, released with a personalized music video and performed during the opening ceremonies of the World Championships.

The two companies also said that more news is currently in store for fans.