The PC version of Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision's battle royale, allows you to use any type of controller. With the right program you can transform peripherals such as an arcade stick, a trackball or even a strumento musicale in your personal controller.

In this short clip the player DeanoBeano, he used his own battery to get one Gulag Kill within the map Verdansk. Unlike the other battlegrounds in the Activision title, a defeat in Verdansk does not immediately lead to player elimination. On the contrary, the victim will be transported inside a prigione.

Through a fight 1v1, players will be able to get a second chance and get back into the fight. Our lucky Deano then used the skills from camperone to win one Gulag Kill and respawn. The feat was greeted with joy by his divers, before the inevitable second elimination that ended the young man's game.