Maybe it's just my thought, but it seems that the team behind theEpic Games Store you particularly love Enter the Gungeon. The title of Devolver Digital it is in fact available again for free within the free offers on Thursday evening. But fear not, in this new edition of Free is Beautiful there is also more:

For those who do not know him, Enter the Gungeon it's a dungeon crawler featuring tremendous firefights in which the player will try to get their hands on the legendary treasure of the gungeon: a temporal firearm capable of eliminating the past. "Collect precious treasures, uncover mysterious secrets, and talk to unscrupulous merchants and shopkeepers to get everything you need to get to the bottom of it."

God's Trigger instead, developed by One More Level, takes the formula from roguelike shooter of Enter the Gungeon, but with a much more aesthetic raw and ripe.

“Slay enemies with speed and precision in a spectacular blaze of blood and explosions. Play solo or with others, make last second decisions, dodge bullets and use weapons and skills to sow violence in the most gruesome way possible. "

As always, the titles will be available until 17pm next time August 27 2020. And of course, they are redeemable within the main page of the store.