Il postponement di Halo Infinite it's still an open wound for fans of the series, as are the numerous criticisms of the official gameplay presentation. Meanwhile, many are preparing for a further wait, the site specializing in tech Thurrott came into contact with one anonymous source which would have divulged some information on the (turbulent) development period of the title. According to his statements, most of the headaches are due toexcessive outsourcing adopted by 343 Industries, which would have tried to cut production times.

According to the source, Halo Infinite has been from the very beginning an arduous undertaking because of three needs: recreate the historical foundations of the series, build the chapter on a new engine that needed to be completed during the development period, and exploit the full potential of the new consoles. Given the large workload, 343 Industries would have considered outsourcing, engaging numerous teams to assign portions of the title. From here arose several problems related to communication, the need to coordinate a large number of strangers and more. It was initially rated for one division into parts of the game but, once the idea was rejected, it was concluded that a postponement was necessary.

It's not certain that these statements are true, but Thurrott has proven to be quite reliable in reporting Microsoft product information. At this point, we look forward to any confirmation on the situation.