La great fame acquired by Fall Guys is allowing Mediatonic, the developer, to partner with other well-known titles and introduce some cute Easter eggs to the game. If you have been keeping an eye on the store recently, you can buy costumes through kudos or crowns (both obtainable only by playing), you will have realized that some inspired by Team Fortress 2, the popular shooter from Valve, have appeared. Now, according to a leaker, two other works will become clothes for the players: Portal e My Friend Pedro.

In a post on Twitter, HypexFG published the results of a recent Fall Guys datamine. We can see two images representing the alleged new costumes arriving in the store, with their release dates. The first, a pair of dresses based on Chell of Portal, will be available starting from September 3th as exclusive to the PC version. The second instead, inspired by the talking banana by My Friend Pedro, will debut on September 6th on all platforms. We just have to wait and find out if this rumor will become reality.