The news coming from is worrying Dusk Golem, a well-known insider specializing in the Resident Evil series. A few days ago on ResetEra, the user revealed that Capcom is having a lot of difficulties to develop RE Village on PlayStation 5, between unstable FPS and poorly optimized hardware for 4K. The discussion then moved on Twitter, where further details on the situation were shared.

Dusk Golem reported that in addition to Capcom also several other developers are struggling to create their titles on Sony's next-gen console. The reason behind all these problems would be the absence of native 4K on the PlayStation 5, which makes its implementation complicated due to the jumps in performance. On a pessimistic note, the insider argues that probably you will see a lot of "fake 4K" at launch, made with techniques such as checkerboard rendering. Not all hope is lost, however: beyond the fact that it is rumor and not proven information, the developers would be working on a dev kit dated and not corresponding to the final version of PS5. There would therefore be, in the event, a high margin for improvement.

The next-gen is approaching and these are rumors that are certainly not pleasant to hear, but we await an official verdict before giving any judgment. We remember that Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 rival, will be available this November and soon another presentation of the console may arrive.