By now we hear about Fall Guys anytime, anywhere, is the real phenomenon of the moment, a bit like in the heyday (in the news field) of Fortnite. The party game has been available for about a week on PC and PlayStation 4, but in the future we could perhaps play it on other platforms as well.

The developers, on Twitter, have in fact declared that they are interested in bringing the game to other shores:

"We are focusing on the PC and PlayStation 4 versions, but we would really like to bring Fall Guys to other platforms in the future"

There is no express reference to which platforms, but these are likely to be Xbox e switch. It must be said, however, that a game like Fall Guys would fit perfectly even on smartphones and indeed some dataminers have found reference to mobile devices in the game codes.

We will probably have to wait a little longer, unless the developers are already working on these other versions secretly, but the ability to play Fall Guys even on platforms other than PC and PlayStation 4 it is really high.