Let's be honest with ourselves: Elden Ring it's a dream, and it never really existed. The last odyssey of From Software, written in collaboration with none other than George RR Martin, has been shrouded in total darkness since first and mysterious teaser last E3 (yes, more than a year ago). Now fans are placing their hopes in every event and presentation that is, crossing their fingers for some announcement or detail. We know how these have been broken every single time, and Jeff Grub, the well-known GamesBeat reporter, got his hands on for the upcoming Gamescom 2020.

The Cologne fair, which this year will only include a digital showcase, will take place this month. According to Grub, however, we shouldn't expect any news on Elden Ring, which once again will not be shown to the public. However, there are hopes for The Game Awards 2020, considered a "possible exception" given the concomitance with the advent of the new videogame generation.

But let's look on the bright side. We will probably see Bakugan. And we will continue to dream.