In the coming weeks on PDVG in collaboration with Premium games we will tell you about several adult titles worthy of your attention, selected by us for you.

Every video game enthusiast has certainly had the opportunity to experience the complexity of the medium firsthand and this since the first titles he has had the opportunity to play. The means of expression most loved by us, in fact, cannot be framed in closed, predefined categories and genres, but ranges both in characteristics and in the topics covered. And many times, a particular type of game with its distinctive elements ends up turning out to be more than originally thought. This is the case with The robbery, a sexy game available in digital format on the site And no, when I say it turned out to be more deep (in every sense) of what one might expect, I'm not kidding. But let's go in order.

The robbery

Women, friends and the past

The Robbery looks like a classic erotic game and dating simulator and takes place entirely in an unspecified city. Within the title we impersonate the classic anonymous protagonist, to whom we attach the name most congenial to us, who became rich after a successful series of online investments. Still visibly tormented by the past relationship with our ex Ana, however, we can afford to live on an income and enjoy carefree outings with our best friend Liam. To be honest the whole game immediately puts it into gear as soon as, after setting foot in a neighborhood convenience store and flirting with the saleswoman (whose name we later discover to be Megan), we are attacked by a robber - hence the title of the game - and we lose consciousness. Upon awakening, we find ourselves in a hospital bed assisted by Liam and a provocative nurse named Leah. And from here our adventure actually begins, or rather the main purpose of the game.

In fact, our protagonist tries to recontact the mysterious saleswoman of the small provincial shop with the aim of find a new flame. All by making friends and establishing relationships with the different characters who enter the scene thanks to the arrival of Megan, as her best friend. Melissa, his acting partner Rena, the girls we met at the disco with Liam, but also the very caring nurse who assisted us in the beginning. And believe me when I tell you that the number of characters on stage does not in the least affect the narrative and relational plots that are created, which have been managed in a truly clever e consistent. Despite the nature of the game, the background of each character is not superficial but refined, plausible and above all convincing. Without making spoilers, just think that at certain times it happens to find yourself seriously reflecting on the choices to be made, for fear of possible developments and potential repercussions later.

The robbery

An appointment here, another one over there

The Robbery therefore develops through the different relationships that we intertwine with the various girls in the game. It is up to us to choose who to attend, who to get closer to, who to undertake or not with sexual intercourse. It being understood that, however, the central character of the game remains Megan, and in fact, her is the female figure of reference of the title. We can decide to focus our attention only on her while remaining completely faithful to her, or whether to give ourselves instead moments of freedom with other girls holding, in fact, the foot in much more than two stirrups. Under this point of view, great applause must be done to the developers of the title, since every action taken it has a significant impact on the subsequent development of the plot. In the different road at our disposal with the various girls, in fact, the progress of the relationships and relationships that are created, not only between us and the other characters, but also between them, completely depends on the discretion of us players. In short, choose certain words or perform certain gestures has its weight and has a significant impact on the evolution of events. But as anticipated at the beginning, the game turns out to be even more than it seems. Especially towards the end, the narration ends up taking a really serious, mature, unexpectedly action e deep. Really, some moments are truly able to excite and make your eyes shine, especially following certain discoveries. To this is added a final twist that is really not bad, even if it is certainly not anything particularly striking. When you consider the nature of the game, though, you can't help but appreciate a writing that goes over the simple useful pretexts for giving oneself to mad joy.

The robbery

Let's push - literally - into action

The main mechanics of the game, it is understood very well what it is. The Robbery has in fact all the characteristics of a dating simulator combined with those of a erotic game for adults, with multiple choice answers that open up different possibilities and narrative crossroads. On balance there is no gameplay, since all we are called to do is select one answer rather than another to see where our choices go and lead the narrative. It goes without saying, however, that the moments more Vivi of the game are undoubtedly those in which ... in short, we get busy. In particular from this point of view, nothing to complain about and indeed hats off to the artists for creating erotic scenes. These are indeed really well done and convince, managing to describe the intercourse with abundance of details and details. Among other things, the animations, already quite fluid, can be adjusted using the appropriate keys. Also, during intercourse, you can choose freely which positions to use from time to time, always enjoying a unique view (even if ours, especially playing with one hand, has its days numbered). The only exception is liquid of love which, on closer inspection, seems to have the consistency of Vinavil or, in any case, of any generic vinyl glue. A real shame, but it still comes down to small things compared to so much three-dimensional beauty. From a technical point of view obviously there is not much to say: being comparable to one visual novel, the game runs smoothly on virtually any type of PC, so you can sleep peacefully - or not, since the bed, as well as any other occasional support, is used to do anything but sleep.

The robbery

A pleasant surprise

The Robbery is a very special title. Of course, it is still an erotic game without almost any pretense and as such it should be taken, but it has characteristics that make it a piacevole sorpresa. The characters have their own psychology, their own past, their own dimension that pushes them to behave in a certain way. Events evolve coherently, take on deep connotations and all have their own justification, which originates mainly from the choices made during our run. Not even one is missing moral, moreover would e impactful, present in the scenes immediately preceding the credits. In short, for the price of about 10 euros to which it is offered, the title in question represents the perfect combination of simplicity, eroticism, fun and romanticismo. If you are looking for similar titles, give yourself a small gift and give a chance to a game that really deserves more than one.