Resident evil villageResident Evil Village would have some problems in its PS5 version. To reveal it was the insider Dusk Golem that in a discussion appeared on the well-known forum of ResetEra initially spoke of problems of third party games on Playstation 5, to then specify that, in particular, the offending title is precisely the new chapter of the Capcom saga.

According to the information in the possession of the insider, some complications would have emerged during the development of the PS5 version of the title, which would have several problems keeping 60 fps stable in both 4k and 1080p, while work on PC and Xbox Series X is running smoothly.

Dusk Golem was keen to point out that the information in his possession dates back to some time ago and that the flexibility of the RE Engine will still allow Capcom's kids to adjust the game's performance, plus he doesn't believe this will have technical issues at launch. However, his suspicion is that Resident Evil Village will present itself with a 4k upscaled and 60 fps on the Sony console, while on the direct competitor it will run in native 4k.