It shouldn't be long before fans can get their hands on it Xbox Series X. The indiscretion comes from Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company and partner of Microsoft, who in a communication to customers wrote that pre-orders will be "Soon available". The release reads:

“You have agreed to receive information about Xbox Series X. Pre-orders for Xbox Series X with Xbox All Access will start soon. The offer is exclusive to Telestra customers. "

The text explicitly talks about pre-orders through Xbox All Access, which could mean that Microsoft plans to give priority to whoever subscribed to that subscription. Even if it were, however, the pre-orders open to everyone cannot be so far away.

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The Xbox All Access membership is an option available for Microsoft customers in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Allows you to pay a monthly fee that starts at around $ 20, and receive one Xbox One S, Xbox One X or an Xbox One All-Digital, in addition to access to the Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. After paying 24 months of subscription the customer can keep the console.

Telestra is the Australian dealer of this subscription, therefore a partner who works closely with Microsoft products. This Australian company release feeds the rumors that see the August event as the one in which the price will be revealed Xbox Series X.