PugliaBrick interviews its manufacturers and today for PDVG, we have with us Antonio Migliardi, in art "antonylegocreation”One of the first PugliaBrick members, a great LEGO enthusiast, known throughout Italy for his creations related to the representation of feelings and emotional states of the human being.

Hi Antonio introduce yourself.
"Hi, I'm Antonio Migliardi, I'm 25 years old and I live in Bari, my hometown, where I study Building Engineering Architecture at the Polytechnic of Bari."

Tell us, how did your passion for LEGO come about?
“I don't think it was born at a specific moment, I have always been attracted to the possibility of building and playing. As a child I loved any activity where something could be assembled. Dad put the LEGO bricks in my hands before I knew how to talk, and maybe he even regretted it ... I have a blurry but indelible memory of my first LEGO set: I was very young, not more than 5 or 6 years old and he was one Space. A lot of good memories that I have as a child are related to LEGO: I used to play with cousins, with friends, but above all I loved going to buy them with dad. Then there was a drop, in the initial period of high school, a drop that ended with my first MOC and from there a new path opened. "

What drives you to always represent the human side in your works?
“I think it's a bit tied to my curiosity in exploring myself, when I build I feel like I'm pulling something out from inside. I think that emotions do not make the human being weaker, on the contrary I think they give him an incredible strength, and being able to represent them in some way, when I can, is a great honor for me as well as a source of satisfaction. Then it's a challenge, and when I have the bricks in my hands, I forget everything else and just think about completing it. ”

Are you an architecture student, why this interest in mechanics?
“Yes it is true, it is my intention to graduate in Architecture, yet when choosing, I embarked on a path that would also combine engineering with architecture: do not ask me if I am sorry. In any case, I have always had an interest in mechanisms and always loved math. I think when I build they are on the same level, I try to combine them: I study the proportions of a work, the colors, I try to make it beautiful in my eyes, but it must also present an engineering challenge. I love the Technic line. "

Your best-known work is The Kiss. Tell us about your work.
“It was 2017, I had recently seen a video by JK Brickworks that illuminated me on the possibility of combining the classic Bricks and Technics through the creation of kinetic sculptures, so I decided to experiment with this route. As always without inspiration, all that remains is to wait. Then one day at university, I was following a lesson that I won't tell you and for a while I started taking "different" notes. There the idea was born. Then, after 4 months of work, at Christmas 2017 I disassembled it: it had to be perfect, and I started The Kiss 2.0. If you're wondering, it's still not ... good connoisseur. "

What works are currently in the pipeline?
"I am currently working on Kamehameha to perfect it and in general the idea is to perfect what I already have, unless new directives from above."

You can view the history of Antonio Migliardi's works and many other curiosities on his website: www.antonylegocreations.com.

Here instead a small gallery of some of Antonio's creations at the San Mauro Brick Show held on 15 and 16 February 2020.

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