Pokémon e Monster Hunter, two brands that somehow lived under the same roof and yet never met face to face. Of course, in the past Capcom has reworked the formula of Game Freak with Monster Hunter Stories e Super Smash Bros. introduced the Rathalos as boss, but nothing more ... to date.

Pokémon Monster Hunter CrossoverIn this fantastic set of cards made by RJ Palmer, ex-illustrator for Ubisoft e Detective Pikachu, the ruler monster of the skies and many others like theOdogaron, Nergigante and the terrible Deviljho are converted to the artsy Game Freakiano and are transformed into PokeMonster Hunter.

This set can be purchased inside the personal site of the artist for the price of dollars 19.99. Also, you can purchase gods keychain that portray the real pocket monsters following Capcom's arttyle.

Maybe one day, the two brands will meet for real, but until then we can fantasize about the result of a clash between Charizard and Rathalos inside the game table.