The creator of the saga of Metal Gear is at the center of the news in the last few days. After declaring he wants develop a horror together with the mangaka Junji Itō, comes an important new announcement concerning him. Hideo Kojima will be part of the jury of the Venice Film Festival 2020.

Particularly the category that will judge together with Celine Tricart and Asif Kapadia will cover virtual reality productions, which will award the Grand Jury Prize for Best Immersive VR Work, Best Immersive VR Experience and Best Immersive VR Story. The exhibition will be held between 2 and 12 September 2020.

Kojima is notoriously fond of cinema and often hides small quotes from Western films in his video games. Taking part in one of the most prestigious film exhibitions in the world will certainly be a great opportunity for him, but not only. 

Kojima's presence at the seventy-seventh International Film Festival can also represent a first meeting point between the "canonical" art world and the video game. In fact, for some time video gamers and video game authors have identified works with artistic value within the medium, but the rest of the world hardly recognizes video games as art.

The inclusion of one of the most prestigious authors of the gaming industry in an event of this magnitude could mean a turnaround in this direction.