How many of you will know, Hideo Kojima has always been a big fan of cinema, especially for the science fiction genre and horror.
This passion is tangible in his works, as in the saga of Metal Gear Solid and in the most recent Death Stranding.

The Japanese game designer has always claimed to want to develop a horror video game, just think of the project canceled by Konami, PT; this time though, Hideo Kojima seems intent on developing a game of this genre, and that he has personally contacted the mangaka Junji Itō to collaborate on the creation of a new title.

This is confirmed by the artist during the course of interview during the Comic-Con @ Home 2020:

“I know Kojima, and we talked about working on a horror game, inviting me to work together. But for now I can't give you other details. "

The horror cartoonist, manga author like Gyo e Uzumaki, has already collaborated with the game designer, appearing in a cameo in Death Stranding.

Kojima Productions has not issued any statement on the matter, including on his future plans, but the prospect of one collaboration between these two great artists it could lead to the creation of a title charming and probably not to be missed.