Yesterday, during a dedicated event, Microsoft shed light on some titles coming out on the Xbox Series X, the company's next gen console, and among these games we also find the highly anticipated Halo Infinite.

Unfortunately the gameplay shown left most fans disappointed, with a really mediocre technical sector, in some ways even lower than that of Halo Reach, game of 2010. The controversies on the web obviously broke loose, but to calm the hearts he tried Aaron GreenbergDuring interview, stating that the gameplay shown was registered by an old build.

These are his words:

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. It is July and we are still far from launch. So you've seen an unfinished version of the game. That said, the stream was 1080p, which is why we released another stream at 4K / 60fps. Go and see it.

Showing the power and graphics of the Xbox Series X in a stream is really difficult, so I invite you to watch the video at 4k and 60fps. 343 Industries is working well and making progress every week: from here to Christmas the game will get better and better.

Reassuring words that we hope will find a foundation at the exit of Halo Infinite Xbox Series X later this year.