After years of waiting - and a little taste of the cover art - Halo Infinite is finally ready to show himself for the first time, through a video by gameplay that 343 Industries presented during the event Xbox Games Showcase.

The trailer begins with a sequence to Ghost in the Shell, which represents the construction of the armature, and then immediately goes to the home screen of the demo. After an emergency landing, Master Chief he finds himself in a scenario he remembers the first level of the legendary first chapter. After a series of gunfights against the Covenant - ranging from small and funny minions, up to enemies of our size - let's discover the first new Infinite mechanic: through the use of a grappling hook, Chief can rise, climb and reach the enemies located above him.

The trailer ends with a small general presentation, introducing the antagonsite of the title: a follower of the ideology of Atriox and a member of an alliance between the Precursor and Bandit factions.

Halo Infinite will come up Xbox One towards the end of 2020, and will also be optimized for Xbox Series X, the new home console Microsoft.