Like every Thursday, the free offers of theEpic Games Store and therefore also comes back Free is Beautiful. This week's games are the dungeon crawler Next up hero e Tacoma, an interesting adventure inside an abandoned space station.

“Next Up Hero is an Arcade-style dungeon crawler developed by Aspyr Media, in which heroes advance in their exploits blasting with blows, explosions, firearms and boomerangs. Choose your hero and start cleaning up the dungeons, improve equipment and maximize statistics. ”

“Six crew members lived and worked on the Tacoma space station, forging human relationships, wandering between love and mourning and facing the imminent end together. Find out not only what happened to him, but what made them who they are, entering the role of interactive investigator. The story branches out through a series of interactive and dubbed animated scenes that will make you identify with the events aboard Tacoma. Explore Tacoma station in tangible as well as virtual reality. Unlock the locks on doors and drawers to discover meaningful objects, notes and exhibits, while viewing the digital interactions between the crew members and each person's thoughts. Every aspect of the crew's experience aboard Tacoma is part of your investigation. "

To download the games, you need an Epic Games account and visit the pages dedicated to the titles: Next up hero e Tacoma. The offer will remain valid until July 30, 2020.