Grand Piano, is the new LEGO Ideas 21323 set

Small, elegant and functional.


Presented today, after passing the Ideas review of the first session of 2019, the new LEGO Ideas set, the Grand Piano 21323.

The set consists of 3662 pieces and is part of the new 18+ line dedicated to an audience of adult manufacturers. This is a playable reproduction of a grand piano born from the idea of ​​a passionate LEGO and music builder, who designed and inserted it on LEGO Ideas with the project named "Playable LEGO Piano"(You can find it by clicking on the link).

Il Grand Piano it is equipped with motor and infrared sensor which are managed by the Smart Hub Series Powered Up, allow the keys to be truly functional and be able to reproduce real musical melodies. Thanks to the app's autoplay function, it is possible to automatically play preset melodies.

Among the features of the set are: a 25-key keyboard that can be removed, dampers and movable pedals, the lid that can be closed or raised, the adjustable bench and wheels at the legs of the piano. The 1 ° August 2020 in the LEGO Stores and on the shop online at a price of 349,99€.

Here are the words of Donny Chen with which he presented his project:

“The grand piano, one of the most complex instruments of all time, is now in Lego form. Ever since I started learning music, I've always wanted to build a piano out of LEGO bricks. My students have also asked me several times to study the internal workings of a piano. I think it will be great for teaching students the mechanics of the piano. I have seen many people do it in different ways, but I decided to make my own version, as well as trying to make it as similar as possible to a real piano with correct proportions. Making the LEGO piano playable was my main goal when I designed this model and, at the same time, the most challenging part of the construction. Finishing the model and seeing it work without problems gave me great satisfaction. I spent a lot of time sitting there playing with the keys of the LEGO piano, imagining the sounds of a real piano. This is a great example of the creativity and diversity of LEGO bricks. When I am not building with LEGO bricks, I am teaching, tuning or writing music on my piano. So when I discovered LEGO Ideas for the first time, I knew I wanted to build something that not only combined my two passions, but that was also visually stunning. It is truly an honor to see my idea brought to life by talented people from the LEGO Group and I hope it will bring joy to all the other music fans who voted for the idea on the LEGO Ideas platform. ”