Eternal Alice Game has recently released its new title on the Steam platform: Jerez's Arena, a eroge that proposes the Mix again Visual novel e RPG in Hentai sauce. A package for connoisseurs.

The protagonist of this story is Glenn, a slaver regardless of the lives of other human beings, especially when it comes to money. After winning an auction for the property of Claudia - daughter of an ex-noble - makes a pact with the unfortunate girl: jeopardizing one's life and freedom by dueling inArena of the Black Gladiators.

As in the series titles PersonGlenn will have to organize his days to make the most of his slaves, and prepare in time for the deadly confrontations to come.

The game includes:

  • So many spicy scenes and events
  • Two protagonists - Claudia and the dark elf Irene - with dialogues and alternative endings
  • More than 100.000 words within the dialogues

The title is available through the official page Steam, and is currently on sale, until July 24, 2020, at the price of 15.11 €.