Nintendo is definitely one of the more prosperous Japanese companies. The company that boasts the authorship of Mario, Zelda and Pokémon was, until a few weeks ago, the richest team in the Land of the Rising Sun, surpassed by Sony. These days, the moment of publication of the financial recap, have been revealed some interesting statistics on the state of employees of the Grande N.

To stand out immediately are the age, which does not exceed 40 years, and the average annual salary received. The latter stood at $ 86,583 per year: approximately 75 thousand euros gross. Absolutely a considerable figure, but from which the taxes in force in Japan, which boasts one of the highest public debts in the world, and more generally the life expectancy, must be subtracted. It is also interesting to know that on average employees remain in business with Nintendo for more than 13 years. Here are the complete statistics:

As of March 31, 2020

  • Number of employees: 2.395
  • Middle age : 39.2
  • Average length of service (years): 13.9
  • Average annual salary: 9.350.972 yen / 86.583 USD

1. Number of employees indicates the number of persons employed, excluding persons posted by the Company outside the Company, but including persons posted to the Company from outside the Company.
2. The average annual salary is the amount paid before tax in the financial year ended 31 March 2020, including wages and extra premiums