The gaming sector in Italy is expanding more and more, also thanks to the work of developers and publishers who are managing to stand out on the world scene. Among these, a very strong match is that of Studio V e VLG, who together launched Dry Drowning, a highly successful visual novel that has captured the favor of critics as much as that of the public. In the last hour their new project has been unveiled: DarkRenaissance, an interactive novel created in collaboration with Sugarpulp and conceived by the well-known Italian writer Matteo Strukul, author of numerous historical works.

THEad comes from the latter, which debuts in the world of video games with this title. The arrival is scheduled for 2021, but it is already possible to visit the Steam page and add it to your wish list. For those interested, a page has also been created Facebook with all the updates and news. Find the first one below teaser trailer Dark Renaissance, just in case you want to check it out. We also invite you to read the review Dry Drowning and to buy the game if you wish to support Made in Italy videogame.