A great deal of waiting for cyberpunk 2077, after the many postponements, it is getting bigger, especially after the numerous declarations made by the developers. This time talking is Pawel Sasko, lead designer of the game, pointing out how it will be possible to complete the game even without completing the main story.

These are his passwords:

In The Witcher 3 we had a main story and the various subquests that branched out from there, it is a structure that we call "the ear". With Cyberpunk 2077 instead we wanted to approach a different method, "ear of corn", with the main story at the center and the various secondary missions around it, with different developments and interpretations.

The various subplots influence the main story so as to allow you to complete the game even without completing it.

A new way to develop the plot of a game: cyberpunk 2077 it may prove to be a memorable game not only technically, but also for this new approach.